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$1,000,000+ in website
sales in 12 months!

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"over $1,000,000 in sales in last 12 months. . .
fantastic . . . 1,000 hits a day . . .it has changed the way
  I do business. . .bonanza"

Luke Viguers, Vice Pres., KDL Lifts
199 W. Rock Island Road, Grand Prairie, Texas

“We sold $250,000 in inventory the first
six months our website was up.”

(They sold $650,000 from their website last year
and are selling
$100,000 each month now.

Arthur Hensaraling, owner, A&W Bearings & Supply Co.   

4935 Sharp Street
, Dallas

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“Our website is the best investment we have
ever made to promote our motels.”

Victor Patel, Delux Inn, Dallas Texas

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“We are getting over 1,000 hits a day ... making
sales worldwide... video includes Spanish.”

Keith Koething, Hotsy Equipment Company
Frwy,  Dallas


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"My website is a real money maker. . . top ranked. . .the best
marketing investment I've ever made."

Earlier testimonial from Luke Viguers
Luke Viguers, KDL Lifts & Equipment, Grand Prairie

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"Since Bob created our website, the phone has
been ringing off the hook. Our sales have doubled.
We are making sales all around the world"

Roy King, Bob And Richard Parker, Parker Power Company
Valwood Parkway, Carrollton, Texas

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"We have top ranked Motel website in Fort Worth.
I recommend Bob Taylor to create your website."

Raj Patel, Owner
Regency Inn
Fort Worth, Texas


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We can make your sales "blast off"
locally, nationally & internationally.


Attention Motel Owners

Internet Rankings Dallas Fort Worth Motels
Websites Created by the
Internet Wizard Keywords

#1 “Fort Worth Motels”          (Regency)

#1 "North Dallas Motels        (Studio 6)

#1 “Ramada Dallas       (Ramada)

#1 “Ramada Texas             "



Motel Owners
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"Cut Your Vacancies in Half"



Motel Websites by the Internet Wizard

1. (Regency Inn Fort Worth)

2.  (Ramada Inn in Duncanville)

3. 6 in Garland)



Attention Business Owners


Our focus is 100% on how to increase
Sales, $$$$ Profits & Customer Base.

 We Don’t Create Websites!
Here are 16 things We Do.

  1. We make it easy for anyone in the US or worldwide to find your business and buy what you have to sell, because we create top ranked websites that pop up on top.
  2. We find 1,000’s of new customers for you—every month!
  3. We make the phone ring and ring and ring and ring.
  4. We create mini-TV commercials (web videos) that are seen and heard across the US and around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. We save you money by greatly diminishing your Yellow Pages advertising—yesterday’s outdated marketing approach-- the dinosaurs of the past.
  6. We become your best salesmen & work tirelessly 24/7 making presentations to hundreds of people daily. Our web videos make a perfect presentation every time.
  7. We help you buy that big fancy house on the hill, the new Lexus and provide you with a continuous new & significant income stream for years to come.
  8. We let you personally tell people in your own voice through a video they see at their home why they should buy your products. It is incredibly powerful.
  9. We find the guy who is surfing the Web at 1:00 AM. Then we enable him to buy from you in the middle of the night. Now you can sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  10. We expand your business from local to nationwide & worldwide. Just ask our clients.
  11. We put the Yellow pages to shame. Now you are “listed” everywhere, in every city in the US and around the world. The Yellow pages are yesterday's advertising medium. The Internet is truly the Yellow pages for the world.
  12. We enable you to show and explain your products completely, not just in a tiny and costly 4” x 4” ad in newspaper or Yellow pages ad that bleeds you monthly.
  13. We bury your competition--no matter how big or well established they are. We have taken tiny companies and given them a "million $$$ dollar image." Jump over your competition with a website that makes you look like General Motors.
  14. We expand your customer base from local to nationwide and worldwide. Our clients are prf it works. Get out of conventional thinking. Think outside the box. Think BIG. Act BIG. Get BIG. Wake up to the incredible opportunity of the Internet.
  15. We trumpet your horn to the 400 million people who access the Internet daily. Our clients make sales to people around the world. You can too.
  16. We bring dead websites to life. We can breathe new life into your old dead brochure website. We make websites that sizzle and sell. If yours doesn't, you need a website facelift.  We can transform your old dead, unproductive website into a lively selling machine. Is it time to refresh your Internet image?

The Internet Wizard and his staff have created
Light Speed Worldwide Promotions


We are your marketing department on steroids. We get you noticed locally,
nationally and worldwide.
We generate more web hits, sales and leads in a
day than many companies get in a month. We promote your business at the
speed of light
—186,000 miles per second—to a worldwide audience of
400,000,000 and growing daily.


Our sole purpose is to explode/expand your business, your customer base,
your profits, and your company profile. We build your company brand. We
make your company the first one that comes to come to mind when a person
needs your products or services. And we make things happen yesterday.
There is no dust on our shoes. We are MUCH more than a web design company.
We develop customized marketing strategies specifically for your company…
taking your company to the next level of business.


We work feverishly and tirelessly to promote your business. We help you
build your business into a worldwide powerhouse at the speed of light—with
an aggressive, pro-active, innovative team of savvy people along with 46
innovative marketing techniques. We don't have any egg-heads, young kids
or worn-out soldiers on our staff. We are in touch with what is happening today.
We are practical, results-oriented, hard-nosed business people who get results.
We focus on bottom line results and making sales for our customers. Period.


Among other things,
we create awesome streaming videos for your website
we create video CD’s to clone your best salesman
we can blanket the internet with an email campaigns to jump start your sales
we create viral marketing programs
we create catalogs on CD

we create web video infomercials that play 24-7 worldwide
we get you on all the leading search engines
we can set up web cams showing activity at your business
we create attention-getting press releases and brochures
we provide Madison Avenue worldwide marketing at Main Street rates

In short we develop truly innovative marketing techniques that get you
noticed and make sales fast. And we make it happen at the speed of light
and we do it "turnkey" basis.  We handle everything from A-Z. We become
your off-premises worldwide promotion agency on steroids.



Using cutting edge technology, we create small army of 100 virtual sales
who work tirelessly 24 hours a day marketing your business locally,
nationally and internationally. Stop "onezie" marketing. Get MASSIVE.

 Here are just a few examples of Wizard websites


1. See a killer streaming video website

2. See Cool Harley Davidson motorcycle sales with video

3. Ball bearing importers with video

4. Very successful parts company
5. Large ball bearing distributor
6. Home Health Care provider

7. Morgan Buildings, pools & spas (35 locations)
8. Top ranked Fork lift company
8. A 30 year old large wholesaler

9. A used industrial equipment company
10. Fishing guide website with video
11. New SUV auto sales with video

12. Off road 4x4 shop with video
13. High rise in North Dallas with video


Motel Websites

13. (Regency Inn Fort Worth)

14.  (Ramada Inn in Duncanville)

15. 6 Motel in Garland)


Robert Joel Taylor, Author
Speaker, Internet Wizard

the Internet Wizard
A Group of Inspired Web
Designers, Software
Specialists & Marketing

Robert Joel Taylor  


Just a few of the Awards
we have won for creative web designs.


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